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Openzine! Create Your Own Online Magazine

And here’s another cool thing I found via Twitter: Openzine! Someone on their team added me to their “follows” list, so I checked it out. What a cool concept. You can create your own rag, mag or zine online by pulling in content from an existing blog, create new content; and  also create your own covers. Your new publication is then featured on Openzine as a public “periodical”. How cool is that? One interesting “zine” I discovered is “The Book of Letters” (published by Reverend Richard J. Mackin). It seems to focus on hazing known food producers e.g. M&M, Taco Bell, Funions (for example) about the ingredients, marketing, advertising of their products. Hilarious! And who wouldn’t want to ask McD’s the logic behind “supersizing”, or ask Heinz to explain what’s so freaking “fancy” about their ketchup right? Burning questions!

Check out Openzine as another way to publish your great idea, invention, artwork, charity projects, product or message (or in my case – RANTS). Have fun.



Facebook Sucks For Doing This

Gay Or Straight – Your Facebook Is Their Fortune >>FACEBOOK is planning to exploit the vast amount of personal information it holds on its 150 million members by creating one of the world’s largest market research databases…

Not a new idea, really. The whole point behind any “free web service” is its eventual “monetization”. So the only truly “free” thing about it is the freedom you give the provider to directly access your personal info, e-mail, preferences, profile etc. It’s called fine print.  Selling information is a big huge business.

“Marketing experts have said the vast amount of personal information Facebook holds may be worth “untold millions” to market research companies…. “

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Credit to @StatiK99 for the link.

GOD Is On Twitter! And Other Discoveries For Twitter Newbies Like Me

I’ve resisted the whole notion of  Twitter since its inception. Everytime I went to check out whatever fabulous “insights” other bloggers raved about – somehow I landed on the tweets that were talking about pom-poms or cotton candy. I left disappointed, and didn’t really get the point.

But a commentator on my article about Social Networking for Job Seekers,  inspired me to give Twitter a try. Yes, everyone can attest to the fact that there IS much “mindless chatter”, but I’ve also discovered some great folks that put out some pretty darn useful information for finding one’s way around the virtual world as well as the REAL world. And nifty Twitter tips! (below)

Feel Sorry For Me

Some of my favorite finds:

@MikeBrown. Mike has a FANTASTIC website about creativity and innovation. Trying to launch a new product, idea, innovation, a new YOU? Check out Brainzooming. Mike’s got tons of connections referenced all throughout his pages as well as useful videos, articles, books. Really worth the while and he is truly the very nicest person. A genuine help to everyone.

@sallyhogshead. Woman knows her stuff when it comes to branding, marketing, what works, what won’t and WHY (most important) – she’s amazing. She’s got the play by play on the Superbowl (and the big budget ads down-lo too). Check out her site RADICAL.

@bitpakkit. Bits and pakkits, advertising creativity, being transactional – consistently interesting. Guess where his site is? 🙂

@jorgebarba. All about WHY knowledge is power when it comes to networking, connecting, focus… plus some insight on NASA 🙂 His website: Stratige.

@danschawbel. Dan is an expert on personal branding and social media with many accolades to his credit. His site The Personal Branding Blog has many useful insights on how to go about getting where you want to be. We all have great ideas right? Dan shares tips on how to get aligned with your goals. BTW: One of my favorite articles is his discussion about Twitter.

@momku. I love Momku. I can relate, along with many other moms. Plus she’s funny. Her blog (entitled with my favorite letter) “The Letter B” is fabulous also.

@fireland. He’s rude, offensive, cutting, and I love to hate him (just kidding- he’s really very funny).

@tessaru. The most positive person on twitter!

@greatcooks. Truly AMAZING recipes in real time via Twitter. And a gorgeous recipe blog. Check it out!

@stillred. Just a really funny dude. And what he says can tend to be true. 🙂

@gstromberg. A fine grass roots charitable activist. Canned Water 4 Kids. Support them!

And of course, I did find GOD on twitter. See @god. I’ve been saying daily prayers- and he STILL freaking ignores me. Anyone interested in adding me to their FOLLOW list, I’ll gladly add you on my follows in return.

And if you are NEW on twitter like me, here’s some helpful Twitter Resources:

The Newbies Guide to Twitter

All About Twitter – On Mashable

Save Space On Twitter – Use TINY Url

Sharing Pics on Twitter – TWITPIC


Twitter Colloquialism @ TWICTIONARY

RECRUITERS On Twitter – Job Leads!

Looking for Twitter-ers to Connect With? Search Here!

At Everyone…. let’s help some kids!

CANNED WATER FOR KIDS. These children need clean water. Putting the word out on twitter is something that takes only a second to do – and will help some kids. Do a good deed today! (props to @mikebrown and @gstromberg)


And According To “Science” Women Are Narcissists Desiring Dilemma? Follow Up to Misogynists In Media

“… women’s desire is not relational, it’s narcissistic — it is dominated by the yearnings of “self-love,” by the wish to be the object of erotic admiration and sexual need….What women want is a real dilemma…”

Wow, thanks New York Times for informing us all. Really, who believes this shit? While I appreciate the hard work of sexologists, the fact is that science can no more quantify a woman’s desire by reading little red graph lines on a page, then the next winning lottery numbers.

A commentator to my previous post about Misogynists Advertise Women In Fuck Positions – And Sell BIG Time – remarked on an article they found about a scientific study assessing what women find desirable. I presume the New York Times article (cited above) is the study they were referencing. And I think its a bunch of BS.  According to the study, women were almost equally aroused by images of other women with women, as they were men. Yeah so what? It doesn’t explain one iota why women (a massive amount of women according to the numbers) – buy products that expressly convey graphic negative imagery of their own sex. My question remains unanswered.

Haute Hatred? Misogynists Advertise Women In Fuck Positions – And Sell Big Time


Apparently, it is a well known ‘not- so-secret’ fact in the fashion media world that if you promote ads with images expressly intended to marginalize women, your product will sell BIG time. So who cares right? But it bugs the bajeezus out of me to no end  – for the main reason that statistically, the ones buying the product 9 times out of ten are WOMEN.

Below are some examples of what I am talking about – and there’s many others. Though I am trying to muster up some kind of “gung-ho” spirit,  I really honestly cannot say that looking at ANY OF THESE ads – inspires me whatsoever to become an advocate of these brands. Just being honest. Looks like plain old misogyny to me. All the executives that “spearheaded” (no, pun intended) these brands are in fact NOT women. But they sure figured out how to play into the subconscious mind fears of the feminine populace – or something. Because their tactic is working.

Notice in these ads how very LITTLE is about the product – and how very much of it is about boobs, vagina, submissive posturing, spread legs, “come hither” looks. So what are they trying to say? And why the fuck are we listening to it?

How does a woman looking at these ads (and others like these) somehow magically “convert” into an enthusiastic buyer? Apparently, a whole lot do because women are where the majority of sales dollars are coming from for these brands, in about every single instance.

Yes, I’ve seen several arguments here and there by women that “pshaw” any  notion of being offended. These are usually the ones that will (publicly) remark something like, “it’s just an ad- get over it“.  A real example, my sister who graduated Harvard law school – and at the top of her class.  She’s the first one to take the “get over it” stance in public, but when no one is looking, she is also the first one to fight to the death for any kind of woman-hating agenda.  So I ask why do women who are so frigging intelligent do what these advertisers want them to do? Women approve and endorse this kind of negative messaging (and it is negative) – when they buy the products of these fucking asswads.

The question is why. Do these ads somehow tap into the collective feminine unconscious and project our secret desires? Or perhaps we remain silently BUYING these dumb-ass over priced products because they so well reflect the measure of own lack of self worth? Or maybe it’s because we women are cosmically destined to remain the Peter Principle poster children in the economic models of the advertising world. Or perhaps, we haven’t yet risen to our own occasion, or perhaps we’re afraid to buck the system?

Or perhaps, the marketeers are right. Maybe it’s just true that the majority of women really DO like graphic, sometimes violent, negative imagery of other women. It’s so far proven successful. And the fashion and beauty ads just keep on getting more pornographic because we tell them with our buying dollars – WE FUCKING LOVE TO GET FUCKED so your chauvinistic, misogynist executive team can tout big gains on their quarterly. The numbers don’t lie right.

Of all the below, American Apparel is probably the worst offender. In doing some research on them, I discovered they actually incorporated originally in Delaware (big fucking surprise – tax haven of the universe), also, that their CEO Dov Charney was recently slapped with a sex suit – for waltzing about naked on the job – or close to it. Also for suggestive correspondence such as memo-ing employees to “come masturbate” – in his office.  “Hey Dov – Why don’t you just start an off-shoot amateur porn Website already? – Copyranter






Superbowl Buyology: Advertisers Hope You’ll Be Getting Out Your Wallets

Buy-ologyIf you’re looking to market anything nowadays, it may be worth your while to forgo stereotypical sales tactics, and get into people’s heads. The subject of “neuromarketing” has become a critical area of research for marketeers; particularly relevant during times of downtrodden economy with consumers less likely to “buy” – and  advertising “messages” less likely to matter.

Case in point, advertisers scheduled to air during this years Superbowl have all conducted extensive cognitive research to determine what type of ads will elicit the desired “buy” response from consumers. But in this whole process, considering the gross amount of money being spent by Superbowl advertisers the question does arise:  Exactly how many jobs could have been spared by these same companies had they NOT expended on Superbowl ads?

It seems that advertisers are finding themselves in somewhat of a conondrum. While historically they anticipate massive audience responses to their big budget ad productions, this year, with so many out of work and laid off, is doing so sending the right message? I suppose that depends on one’s point of view.

Those that say “yay” reason they can’t afford NOT to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with such a large audience. On the flip side, naysayers argue it just doesn’t show any sensitivity to the American public in light of the huge economic crises occurring.

While it may be true to say “if nothing sells, nothing happens”;  I don’t really see how selling to an audience unemployed, in many instances, unemployed by the same companies doing the selling – makes for “good happenings” either. Related: Superbowl shenanigans…a colossal waste of money.

Personally, I think many of the Superbowl advertisers somewhat missed the boat already. They should have been looking ten years down the road – not at ten minutes of air time. As part of the consumer audience demographic, I much prefer to support small businesses and entrepreneurs with my purchasing dollars, and not Superbowl ad giants banking on American bucks –  that should have banked on the American workforce instead.

Any thoughts?

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