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Superbowl Buyology: Advertisers Hope You’ll Be Getting Out Your Wallets

Buy-ologyIf you’re looking to market anything nowadays, it may be worth your while to forgo stereotypical sales tactics, and get into people’s heads. The subject of “neuromarketing” has become a critical area of research for marketeers; particularly relevant during times of downtrodden economy with consumers less likely to “buy” – and  advertising “messages” less likely to matter.

Case in point, advertisers scheduled to air during this years Superbowl have all conducted extensive cognitive research to determine what type of ads will elicit the desired “buy” response from consumers. But in this whole process, considering the gross amount of money being spent by Superbowl advertisers the question does arise:  Exactly how many jobs could have been spared by these same companies had they NOT expended on Superbowl ads?

It seems that advertisers are finding themselves in somewhat of a conondrum. While historically they anticipate massive audience responses to their big budget ad productions, this year, with so many out of work and laid off, is doing so sending the right message? I suppose that depends on one’s point of view.

Those that say “yay” reason they can’t afford NOT to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with such a large audience. On the flip side, naysayers argue it just doesn’t show any sensitivity to the American public in light of the huge economic crises occurring.

While it may be true to say “if nothing sells, nothing happens”;  I don’t really see how selling to an audience unemployed, in many instances, unemployed by the same companies doing the selling – makes for “good happenings” either. Related: Superbowl shenanigans…a colossal waste of money.

Personally, I think many of the Superbowl advertisers somewhat missed the boat already. They should have been looking ten years down the road – not at ten minutes of air time. As part of the consumer audience demographic, I much prefer to support small businesses and entrepreneurs with my purchasing dollars, and not Superbowl ad giants banking on American bucks –  that should have banked on the American workforce instead.

Any thoughts?

Free Blowjobs

Came across this article in the Wall Street Journal about how migrant workers are losing jobs to unemployed Americans. Have you ever seen the job reality for migrant workers? I have. And the fact that American’s are competing for field work is fairly well unprecedented.

But I have an even SADDER story to tell. Today I offered to work FOR FREE as an intern to hopefully obtain a paying job at a future time. Guess what happened? Rejection. No response, NADA.  Maybe I am offering the wrong kind of free work.

By the way, like my post title? …. Thought so.


Citigroup Has A Heart – Who Knew?

“…Citigroup, which has received $45 billion in government bailout funds, is about to upgrade to a new $50 million, twelve-seat corporate jet.”HuffPo

Citigroup – you SUCK and… deserve to be bitch slapped.

Citigroup’s acquisition of a new Dassault Falcon jet has been widely scorned, and it was recently announced they decided to renege on the VIP jet purchase.  How sacrificial.

Vikram (bandit) Pandit, current CEO of Citi, and his predecessor Charles O. (what a fuck you are) Prince, have both been duly nominated – as assholes.


Related: They’ve “Done the Math” – Citi To Cut 300,000 Jobs

[Post Edited: Bad math on the original post stricken. Thanks eagle eye Marc for catching the error.]

Selling Fashizzle to Job Seekers

bajOne of the things I find puzzling is the massive amount of sales pitching being done to the unemployed. People are aggressively marketing to job seekers (example) a whole array of purported  “insider job leads” that, in my investigation, afford the job seeker nothing they could not accomplish for free on their own.

There’s all kinds of tactics being used to attract job seekers (money) today, such as  “insider tips” e-books, online job postings with automatic monthly fee charges; RSS feeds (for a fee) – you name it. The less reputable marketers will go so far as to post bogus jobs (check out Craigslist), with the intention of “up-selling” applicants who respond. I find it insidious and highly unethical. Most of the people out of work today are those already from middle to low pay scales, they don’t have expendable incomes, yet this is precisely the “audience” these bogus ass marketeers are selling their fashizzle to.

There is no “super secret” job finder tool.

It never ceases to amaze (and offend) me how confident these “marketeers” are of the public’s overall ignorance.

Related: Scams Aimed At the Jobless.

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