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April Winchell Is The Bomb Diggety – RE: Obama Tired of Your MoFo Shit

Did you see this? April Winchell –  “Barack Obama Is Tired of Your Motherfucking Shit“. With mp3 audio tracks. Absolutely hilarious. I love April.  Her virtual vision… a Valhalla of mediocrity, where people could spend hours of their lives they would never get back.” And she’s all about “essential oils” too! 🙂 Anyone that’s been banned by Bill O’Reilly is a bitch worthy of your love. [ Related: @aprilwinchell / Tweet Credit: @zaibatsu]


Blagojevich: Now Sports Pampers

First of all, the fact that Blagojevich scammed constituents and manipulated his position of authority to retain political power is despicable enough. But can you believe he’s actually WHINING about being held accountable for doing so?  On video. (Full Article: Washington Post )

“How can you throw a GOVERNOR…elected twice by the people, OUT OF OFFICE …. who is clamouring and begging and pleading with you to give him a chance … to prove his innocence.”  —


Yes boo-fucking-hoo Blagojevich. We’re getting our violins right now. And what a retarded question to ask. You are being thrown out of office because you deserve to be.

Don’t politicians KNOW their every act is under public scrutiny? People are fairly well fed up with the bullshit posturing by our public “leaders”. Right now I’m guessing there’s about ZERO empathy for Blagojevich, among others still in elected roles of the same ilk.

But to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have remarked at all had he not attempted to play the martyr by comparing himself to Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, JR, and Nelson Mandela (video ). Astounding.

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