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I’m A Gazelle! JK Instructs Men On Pole Dancing (For the Ladies)

Here’s a fun Sunday breakfast video (for the ladies).  Jamie instructs men on the fine art of pole dancing. Meet “good-n-plenty” and “menage-a-trois”.  My favorite moves?  “Peek-a-book” and “I’m A Gazelle”. Happy Sunday!


April Winchell Is The Bomb Diggety – RE: Obama Tired of Your MoFo Shit

Did you see this? April Winchell –  “Barack Obama Is Tired of Your Motherfucking Shit“. With mp3 audio tracks. Absolutely hilarious. I love April.  Her virtual vision… a Valhalla of mediocrity, where people could spend hours of their lives they would never get back.” And she’s all about “essential oils” too! 🙂 Anyone that’s been banned by Bill O’Reilly is a bitch worthy of your love. [ Related: @aprilwinchell / Tweet Credit: @zaibatsu]

Mighty Putty? Social Networking For Job Seekers

It’s been recommended in various web articles that job seekers hop on Twitter and other social networks to find contacts for potential employment opportunities. I know there’s MANY die hard twitter fans out there – so the question isn’t about “twittering” in general, but geared toward folks that have used social mediums for finding jobs.  Has doing this really WORKED for anyone? Do companies themselves really use twitter as a primary means to broadcast job opportunities?

I’ve not seen evidence that any routinely use it for hiring talent. Actually, the most useful company related “tweeting” I found was about Comcast complaints. Related:  Comcast, Twitter and Chicken.  I also found an article about Twitter for job seekers with a link to the Top 50 Recruiters currently on Twitter.

So I did what everyone suggested, hopped on twitter, visited the recruiter links to check out what kind of dialogue and exchange goes on.  And so far, there’s been a lot of chat about underwear, broken furnaces, Neil Diamond, fuzzy pink socks and something called Mighty Putty (video below).

What am I missing here?

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