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I’m A Gazelle! JK Instructs Men On Pole Dancing (For the Ladies)

Here’s a fun Sunday breakfast video (for the ladies).  Jamie instructs men on the fine art of pole dancing. Meet “good-n-plenty” and “menage-a-trois”.  My favorite moves?  “Peek-a-book” and “I’m A Gazelle”. Happy Sunday!


April Winchell Is The Bomb Diggety – RE: Obama Tired of Your MoFo Shit

Did you see this? April Winchell –  “Barack Obama Is Tired of Your Motherfucking Shit“. With mp3 audio tracks. Absolutely hilarious. I love April.  Her virtual vision… a Valhalla of mediocrity, where people could spend hours of their lives they would never get back.” And she’s all about “essential oils” too! 🙂 Anyone that’s been banned by Bill O’Reilly is a bitch worthy of your love. [ Related: @aprilwinchell / Tweet Credit: @zaibatsu]

JOB ANGELS on Twitter! Job Seekers Find Jobs – HERE!

angel A comprehensive list of daily JOB LEADS on Twitter, open jobs, resume examples, job seeker resources,  job coaching, recruiters and more! Plus my twitter to Barack Obama about the grass roots efforts of the @JobAngels volunteers. See the whole shebang HERE!

Jobs On Twitter! Job Posts, Resources, Recruiters, Job Seeker Inspiration!

Twitter Job Boards:

Job Search Engines On Twitter:

General Job Opportunities On Twitter:

Other Job Seeker Resources / Recruiters /Resume Help on Twitter:

Update! 50 Twitter Users To Follow for Your Job Search (props @danschawbel for tweeting this link! 🙂 )

YOU CAN BE A JOB ANGEL! Help someone find a job, and get help getting a job yourself! Visit @jobangels.

LOST your job? You are NOT alone! Check out: Lost my job 😦

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur instead of someone’s employee? Some great ideas for innovation, creativity and re-branding yourself via Mike’s group. Follow @mikebrown and check out Brainzooming!

Twitter Mystery Solved! About Retweeting (RT)

As a newbie on Twitter, I noticed a lot of incoming tweets beginning with the letters “RT”, and wasn’t sure exactly what that meant or for what purpose it served. Searching “RT” on twitter was a little problematic since words including “RT” (i.e. part, cart, heart etc…) dominated the search results. But by happy coincidence,  I landed on the answer to this Twitter mystery here, see: What Is Retweeting? Thanks Kevin Rose!

And the purpose of retweeting? Potential exposure to new followers on Twitter. Kevin explains:


Another alternate to using RT  (contributed by a commentator on Kevin’s blog) is to use the recycle symbol, ♺, as a prefix in retweets. (copy the symbol from

To “retweet” Kevin’s post about RT on Twitter, paste the below into your Twitter update:

RT @kevinrose: Retweeting (RT) explained:

Related: Retweetist

GOD Is On Twitter! And Other Discoveries For Twitter Newbies Like Me

I’ve resisted the whole notion of  Twitter since its inception. Everytime I went to check out whatever fabulous “insights” other bloggers raved about – somehow I landed on the tweets that were talking about pom-poms or cotton candy. I left disappointed, and didn’t really get the point.

But a commentator on my article about Social Networking for Job Seekers,  inspired me to give Twitter a try. Yes, everyone can attest to the fact that there IS much “mindless chatter”, but I’ve also discovered some great folks that put out some pretty darn useful information for finding one’s way around the virtual world as well as the REAL world. And nifty Twitter tips! (below)

Feel Sorry For Me

Some of my favorite finds:

@MikeBrown. Mike has a FANTASTIC website about creativity and innovation. Trying to launch a new product, idea, innovation, a new YOU? Check out Brainzooming. Mike’s got tons of connections referenced all throughout his pages as well as useful videos, articles, books. Really worth the while and he is truly the very nicest person. A genuine help to everyone.

@sallyhogshead. Woman knows her stuff when it comes to branding, marketing, what works, what won’t and WHY (most important) – she’s amazing. She’s got the play by play on the Superbowl (and the big budget ads down-lo too). Check out her site RADICAL.

@bitpakkit. Bits and pakkits, advertising creativity, being transactional – consistently interesting. Guess where his site is? 🙂

@jorgebarba. All about WHY knowledge is power when it comes to networking, connecting, focus… plus some insight on NASA 🙂 His website: Stratige.

@danschawbel. Dan is an expert on personal branding and social media with many accolades to his credit. His site The Personal Branding Blog has many useful insights on how to go about getting where you want to be. We all have great ideas right? Dan shares tips on how to get aligned with your goals. BTW: One of my favorite articles is his discussion about Twitter.

@momku. I love Momku. I can relate, along with many other moms. Plus she’s funny. Her blog (entitled with my favorite letter) “The Letter B” is fabulous also.

@fireland. He’s rude, offensive, cutting, and I love to hate him (just kidding- he’s really very funny).

@tessaru. The most positive person on twitter!

@greatcooks. Truly AMAZING recipes in real time via Twitter. And a gorgeous recipe blog. Check it out!

@stillred. Just a really funny dude. And what he says can tend to be true. 🙂

@gstromberg. A fine grass roots charitable activist. Canned Water 4 Kids. Support them!

And of course, I did find GOD on twitter. See @god. I’ve been saying daily prayers- and he STILL freaking ignores me. Anyone interested in adding me to their FOLLOW list, I’ll gladly add you on my follows in return.

And if you are NEW on twitter like me, here’s some helpful Twitter Resources:

The Newbies Guide to Twitter

All About Twitter – On Mashable

Save Space On Twitter – Use TINY Url

Sharing Pics on Twitter – TWITPIC


Twitter Colloquialism @ TWICTIONARY

RECRUITERS On Twitter – Job Leads!

Looking for Twitter-ers to Connect With? Search Here!

At Everyone…. let’s help some kids!

CANNED WATER FOR KIDS. These children need clean water. Putting the word out on twitter is something that takes only a second to do – and will help some kids. Do a good deed today! (props to @mikebrown and @gstromberg)


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