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I’m A Gazelle! JK Instructs Men On Pole Dancing (For the Ladies)

Here’s a fun Sunday breakfast video (for the ladies).  Jamie instructs men on the fine art of pole dancing. Meet “good-n-plenty” and “menage-a-trois”.  My favorite moves?  “Peek-a-book” and “I’m A Gazelle”. Happy Sunday!


Twitter Mystery Solved! About Retweeting (RT)

As a newbie on Twitter, I noticed a lot of incoming tweets beginning with the letters “RT”, and wasn’t sure exactly what that meant or for what purpose it served. Searching “RT” on twitter was a little problematic since words including “RT” (i.e. part, cart, heart etc…) dominated the search results. But by happy coincidence,  I landed on the answer to this Twitter mystery here, see: What Is Retweeting? Thanks Kevin Rose!

And the purpose of retweeting? Potential exposure to new followers on Twitter. Kevin explains:


Another alternate to using RT  (contributed by a commentator on Kevin’s blog) is to use the recycle symbol, ♺, as a prefix in retweets. (copy the symbol from

To “retweet” Kevin’s post about RT on Twitter, paste the below into your Twitter update:

RT @kevinrose: Retweeting (RT) explained:

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Openzine! Create Your Own Online Magazine

And here’s another cool thing I found via Twitter: Openzine! Someone on their team added me to their “follows” list, so I checked it out. What a cool concept. You can create your own rag, mag or zine online by pulling in content from an existing blog, create new content; and  also create your own covers. Your new publication is then featured on Openzine as a public “periodical”. How cool is that? One interesting “zine” I discovered is “The Book of Letters” (published by Reverend Richard J. Mackin). It seems to focus on hazing known food producers e.g. M&M, Taco Bell, Funions (for example) about the ingredients, marketing, advertising of their products. Hilarious! And who wouldn’t want to ask McD’s the logic behind “supersizing”, or ask Heinz to explain what’s so freaking “fancy” about their ketchup right? Burning questions!

Check out Openzine as another way to publish your great idea, invention, artwork, charity projects, product or message (or in my case – RANTS). Have fun.


At Everyone…. let’s help some kids!

CANNED WATER FOR KIDS. These children need clean water. Putting the word out on twitter is something that takes only a second to do – and will help some kids. Do a good deed today! (props to @mikebrown and @gstromberg)


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