A wall of shame featuring world renowned assholes and other kinds of assholes nominated by the public. An authentic asshole award has been carefully hand-crafted (in Photoshop) to commemorate the recipient’s asshole-ness for posterity.

How To Nominate Someone

Got great candidates in mind? Nominate them! Send a description of your asshole nominee and why you feel they should receive the asshole award; if you have a funny pic, you are welcome to include it. Nominations are always treated with anonymity.


The Galactic Asshole of 2008 – Awarded By Unanimous Consensus To G.W.B


Galactic AwardTo “Dubya” goes the most prestigious Academy Award (for assholes) trophy. This was by unanimous consensus and included the opinions of extra-terrestrial nations such as the interstellar Jedi Council, Captain Kirk and the Star Trek Enterprise crew, and Yoda, humble Jedi Master. A 2008 commemorative poster is included to honor this occasion. Click the thumbnail at left to view and download.



For Abusing His Authority While In Public Office, Also For  Cheating (On His Bitch)- Awarded To Elliot Spitzer


spitzrWho can forget “Client #9“, former governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer. He aggressively pursued those that perpetrated prostitution and was an advocate of imposing heavy fines and jail terms upon violators. Apparently, his moral high ground didn’t apply towards his own behaviors. You suck Elliot.

For Felonious Theft of Public Funds, Also For Being A Punk-Ass Player Gangster In General – Awarded to Kwame Kilpatrick


kwamFormer Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick succeeded in scamming the City of Detroit out of over 9 million dollars. He accomplished this by violating just about every ethical rule for a public official, also by hiring his personal family and friends into high paying city positions (that they were unqualified to hold btw). He is believed to be the author of a sex manual entitled “The KWAME Sutra”. More here and here.


For Disserving Public Office, Bar Brawling and Other Scurrilous Behaviors – Awarded to Monica Conyers


conyerMonica Conyers, current President Pro Tempore for DTCC, has proven to be an ongoing embarrassment in general. Her notorious temper (SHREK!!!) frequently displayed on national television, coupled with her utter absence of competency to serve as a public official, made her a popular nominee for the asshole list.  Currently, Conyers gets schooled in etiquette by elementary students.


For Prop 8, Scamming Taxpayer Dollars To Enact Discriminatory Legislation, Also for Failing to Understand the Concept of ROI – Awarded to the State of California


kocPoverty riddled California State was nominated for spending exorbitant amounts of money to enact discriminatory legislation, and for crusading against the gay community to begin with. The millions of dollars invested in this retarded endeavor would have been better spent on solutions to resolve their many economic, social and energy crises. Also, their governor is a girlie-man.



2 Responses to “Academy Awards (For Assholes)”

  1. 2 The Daily B*tch February 3, 2009 at 9:43 am

    There’s plenty more to come of course. I honor the public’s right to give (assholes) their due. Bwahaha.

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