Twitter Mystery Solved! About Retweeting (RT)

As a newbie on Twitter, I noticed a lot of incoming tweets beginning with the letters “RT”, and wasn’t sure exactly what that meant or for what purpose it served. Searching “RT” on twitter was a little problematic since words including “RT” (i.e. part, cart, heart etc…) dominated the search results. But by happy coincidence,  I landed on the answer to this Twitter mystery here, see: What Is Retweeting? Thanks Kevin Rose!

And the purpose of retweeting? Potential exposure to new followers on Twitter. Kevin explains:


Another alternate to using RT  (contributed by a commentator on Kevin’s blog) is to use the recycle symbol, ♺, as a prefix in retweets. (copy the symbol from

To “retweet” Kevin’s post about RT on Twitter, paste the below into your Twitter update:

RT @kevinrose: Retweeting (RT) explained:

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