Haute Hatred? Misogynists Advertise Women In Fuck Positions – And Sell Big Time


Apparently, it is a well known ‘not- so-secret’ fact in the fashion media world that if you promote ads with images expressly intended to marginalize women, your product will sell BIG time. So who cares right? But it bugs the bajeezus out of me to no end  – for the main reason that statistically, the ones buying the product 9 times out of ten are WOMEN.

Below are some examples of what I am talking about – and there’s many others. Though I am trying to muster up some kind of “gung-ho” spirit,  I really honestly cannot say that looking at ANY OF THESE ads – inspires me whatsoever to become an advocate of these brands. Just being honest. Looks like plain old misogyny to me. All the executives that “spearheaded” (no, pun intended) these brands are in fact NOT women. But they sure figured out how to play into the subconscious mind fears of the feminine populace – or something. Because their tactic is working.

Notice in these ads how very LITTLE is about the product – and how very much of it is about boobs, vagina, submissive posturing, spread legs, “come hither” looks. So what are they trying to say? And why the fuck are we listening to it?

How does a woman looking at these ads (and others like these) somehow magically “convert” into an enthusiastic buyer? Apparently, a whole lot do because women are where the majority of sales dollars are coming from for these brands, in about every single instance.

Yes, I’ve seen several arguments here and there by women that “pshaw” any  notion of being offended. These are usually the ones that will (publicly) remark something like, “it’s just an ad- get over it“.  A real example, my sister who graduated Harvard law school – and at the top of her class.  She’s the first one to take the “get over it” stance in public, but when no one is looking, she is also the first one to fight to the death for any kind of woman-hating agenda.  So I ask why do women who are so frigging intelligent do what these advertisers want them to do? Women approve and endorse this kind of negative messaging (and it is negative) – when they buy the products of these fucking asswads.

The question is why. Do these ads somehow tap into the collective feminine unconscious and project our secret desires? Or perhaps we remain silently BUYING these dumb-ass over priced products because they so well reflect the measure of own lack of self worth? Or maybe it’s because we women are cosmically destined to remain the Peter Principle poster children in the economic models of the advertising world. Or perhaps, we haven’t yet risen to our own occasion, or perhaps we’re afraid to buck the system?

Or perhaps, the marketeers are right. Maybe it’s just true that the majority of women really DO like graphic, sometimes violent, negative imagery of other women. It’s so far proven successful. And the fashion and beauty ads just keep on getting more pornographic because we tell them with our buying dollars – WE FUCKING LOVE TO GET FUCKED so your chauvinistic, misogynist executive team can tout big gains on their quarterly. The numbers don’t lie right.

Of all the below, American Apparel is probably the worst offender. In doing some research on them, I discovered they actually incorporated originally in Delaware (big fucking surprise – tax haven of the universe), also, that their CEO Dov Charney was recently slapped with a sex suit – for waltzing about naked on the job – or close to it. Also for suggestive correspondence such as memo-ing employees to “come masturbate” – in his office.  “Hey Dov – Why don’t you just start an off-shoot amateur porn Website already? – Copyranter







11 Responses to “Haute Hatred? Misogynists Advertise Women In Fuck Positions – And Sell Big Time”

  1. 1 jurasee January 31, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    I read an interesting NY Times article titled What Women Really Want. It described (in a psychological study using some kind of vaginal lubrication detector) that women get turned on by seeing women in certain positions or activities, but were not as turned on to see a naked man walking on a beach. The stimulus described in the article, was a women working out on a yoga mat or something. They showed the video to women, and the detector in the vagina got wet. So I guess the connection is women-women love more than it is women wanting to get fucked love.

  2. 2 The Daily B*tch January 31, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    I can understand in terms of the study you mention. But these ads, in most instances if not all, explicitly play toward submissive posturing of women and they “feel” negative. I think women personally are beautiful – but these ads don’t speak to me about the beauty of a woman, rather, they speak on exploitation of woman. And that pisses me off. 🙂

  3. 3 sorrow January 31, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    It’s funny
    I looked at these
    and thought
    no way!
    so, what does that say?
    I confess that if you put David Beckham in an add
    it will stop me in my tracks.
    and i might just be tempted to buy
    but women made to look cheap?
    not gonna happen!

  4. 4 Ram Venkatararam January 31, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    Don’t get me started on the state of our “civilization.” The ads are appalling and stupid and appeal to appalling and stupid people (men and women).

    The only exception is Pantene. If you use that, you breasts become absolutely gigantic. That’s just the truth.

  5. 5 The Daily B*tch February 1, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Sorrow where is your blog so I can link to it woman! Thanks for the feedback. Funny you mention David Beckham- the legs in the Marc Jacob add are purportedly his wife Victoria’s!

    Hi Ram! You are TOO funny. But FYI – Pantene never really worked for me in the boob department. LOL

  6. 6 Randall Arnold February 3, 2009 at 1:25 am

    ^ stupid person. I blame Penthouse.

  7. 7 The Daily B*tch February 3, 2009 at 7:53 am

    I have more respect for Penthouse because they do exactly what they intend to do – sell porn & market accordingly. But I do not have respect for these others above that are purportedly selling fashion and beauty products – yet adopt borderline pornographic advertising messages. If I go to the store for hair color or shampoo or shoes – whatever… I’m not especially inspired by images of women in “commando positions” or silicon boobery. It’s fucking offensive really.

  8. 8 Randall Arnold February 3, 2009 at 8:39 am

    Yeah, my conscious mind agrees.

  1. 1 And According To “Science” Women Are Narcissists Desiring Dilemma? Follow Up to Misogynists In Media « The Daily Bitch Trackback on February 1, 2009 at 8:06 am

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