Freelance Job Seeker Woes

A negative trend in the freelance job market seems to be soliciting enormous amounts of work – for little pay. For example, the  job title reads something like:  NEED EXPERIENCED BLOGGER FOR SOCIAL MARKETING. Then it says:  ONLY bloggers with a well established, credibile, (???) highly read blog and large following are invited to apply. And the pay scale posted is something like: $100-400 dollars.

Right. So they have little to no operating capitol and intend to ride the laurels of a blogger with high audience exposure. They expect to pay very little  (closer to the $100 range) and they will also expect the established blogger to traffic some of their personal audience over to that of the poster’s own broke-ass website. Yes, I am sure that Mr. Godin and bloggers of similar caliber such as the contributing editors for Boing Boing will be chomping at the bit for this fabulous opportunity.

Yes, I’m being snarky.


1 Response to “Freelance Job Seeker Woes”

  1. 1 SurfaceEarth January 29, 2009 at 4:54 pm


    Fantastic, too true.

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